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American Iron West Race on 3/09/03 at California Speedway:

/rambling on

The new lump breathed life late in the day before we were to travel to Fontana for the AI season opener. It dyno'd better than we were expecting on Friday night at Brothers Performance. During Saturday practice the brake booster started to fail (no brakes+ no power steering=no fun) and the top mounts for the front bumper tore off causing the front splitter to grind away as it flapped down the speedway at 140+ mph. Our luck was used up after Citrus Ford (10 minutes away!) had a brake booster in stock. Knowing we were not going to make the race that day, we settled for replacing the failed booster. If you want to know my new meaning of uncomfortable it would be sitting upside in a Sparco race seat for 45 minutes with your head and shoulders resting on a sheet metal floor. We also tried  to repair the Cobra R splitter from bouncing onto the pavement but after Rob's test runs in the HPDE Group 4 sessions, that were held later in the day, removing the splitter was the safest thing do and ready  the car for Sunday's 8am morning practice. Maybe rob will get some pictures of the frankenstraps he fabbed up to hold the top of the bumper with material purchased from the local home depot. 

The car was running great but the potential for massive failure was still in the back of our minds as we tried to joke about it and at the same time, be proud to have gotten this far given our former disastrous circumstances with a port job gone bad....among other things.

Anywho, sorry I didn't get more more pix or video. As you will see, I was slightly distracted when I did finally take some pix.  But you would've liked the 400+hp 914 parked next to us and the Mosler. a new Maserati...and all the Porsches...phew! The quality and diversity of cars was awesome and I'm glad to have been a small part in it. My car spent the weekend at the Griggs display and donated it battery to replace Rob's dead one. It also donated my 10 year old Rockford Punch 240x to the Amp Gods. It died on the trip down while I was stuck in traffic and made the 6 hour drive home a pleasure as I listened to the dulling sounds of A032R's wasting away.

Better luck next time, right?
/rambling off