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Event: TCC @ LSIR
Date: 1/13/01
Video Provided by: Matt
Matt showed up just in time to catch the first lap which just happened to be when I broke the TriAx shift handle. Click 3.3mb
Here's Rob from T10 through T5. He passes the race prepped Impala SS and puts down some rubber coming out of T3. The converted video quality takes away from how much of the rubber you can see though. Click 14.4mb
Now it's my turn with the race prepped SS. A Porsche overcooks T11 and the SS and I are drag racing down the front straight. Andrie in his NSX follow me around as does Mark in his 996. We get stuck behind some traffic but take off again after T4. Click 14.2mb
Here's are two Viper GTS's coming out of T11 Click 2.7mb
C5, S2000, BMW, slib and Rob going through the corkscrew Click 4.8mb
C5 and the Red Viper GTS through T11 Click 4.8mb
Mark out of T11 Click 2.4mb
Mark and slib through T1 Click 4.3mb
Rob layin the hoosiers down out of T11 Click 4.1mb
Rob makes his move around a M3 Click 3.8mb
Rob through T1 Click 2.3mb
Rob using his torque to get around a Porsche after T11 Click 4.2mb
Rob followed by a red RX7, black Porsche, stockcar and slib, around T1 Click 7.4mb
Rob on his own around T11 Click 4.3mb
Rob from T10 to T4 and gaining on an RX7 Click 6.8mb
Slib followed by Andri and Mark from T1 to T5 Click 5.9mb
Slib from T1 to T5 Click 9mb
The SS Impala followed by Slib, Rob and Mark take their turns through the corkscrew Click 3.1mb
The corkscrew again with the red RX7, blue BMW, S2000, Slib, Rob and Mark Click 4.5mb
The silver and red GTS's from T1 up to T4 Click 6.1mb
Red Camaro vert, Andrie, Rob, Slib and Mark from T11 up to T5. Rob makes his move past Andrie and the Camaro after T4. Click 9.9mb
Everyone but me on the cool down lap. Click 6mb