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Sears Point - NASA -  9th, 2001

After hibernating from the Open Tracking scene for almost 7 months, I was finally able to get back out there and Sears Point of all places! Although it was setup in a temporary configuration for the reconstruction, it proved to be even more challenging due to the lack of any major straights. I couldn't have been more pleased with how the day turned out. The car handled great with the new lighter wheels and delrin bushings for the upper control arms but I still managed to destroy both rear wheel bearings. Pissa!

TVR. Notice the X on rob's car...that means that NASA will let anybody instruct new Group 1 HPDE students. :-) Rob pulled double duty with his car for the weekend. Not only was he driving in Group 4, he was also teaching a Group1 student about driving their car on track by riding along with them during some sessions and then doing  "Lead/Follow" during their remaining Group 1 sessions.  Passing everywhere is allowed during our Group 4 sessions and Rob and I take full advantage of that.

We both make this pass coming out of T5.
Rob and I swap cars for a session.
Mark W