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Track: Thunderhill Raceway
Date: 10/31/02
Temp: High 60's/low 70's and windy!

After a couple of months of inactivity in the TVR stable, Rob and I attended Stan Brown Motorsports High Speed Halloween party at Thunderhill. TVR has also gained a new member, TJ who has been with us for a quite a while helping out in the pits and doing some camera work. After several longs months of searching for a track car he found a black 99 GT Convertible that he could flog on the track and use as his daily driver. Rob's car is still out of commission and will be for a while so he rented an automatic  Corvette C5 to use for the day. 

With plenty of clear open track, I clocked 170 track miles for the day and destroyed a brand new set of Hawk HT10's that Rob let me borrow. My goal for the day was to break into the 2:06 range. Rob had been swearing up and down that the car has 2:04's in it but I thought he had been puffing on the track-pipe a little too much. As it turns out, he was right! At the end of the day I ran a 2:04.39 lap time after running a bunch of :08's and :07's all day long. I was in shock and still am. 

Video from this event will be converted soon so check back later.

Enjoy the pix,
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