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Track: Buttonwillow Raceway Park
Date: 11/05-06/2005
Weather: Sunny and low 70's.
Tires: Yokohama A032R's. Old fronts and older rears.
Brake Pads: (F) Porterfield R4's  (R )Hawk HP+

Crack pipe strikes again! It had been 11 months since I last put a tire on track and this event was sorely needed. Even though the A032R’s had been pulling double duty as my street tire for a year….well, let’s just say their lack of grip made for a very fun weekend. The insurance friendly 3 passing zones and “only with a point by” was occasionally an issue but it did make for some good close ups of some nice cars.

I will confess that I would occasionally put the car into big oversteer coming out of the Off-Ramp. Since the rear tires had seen better days, they made it too easy and fun. Sure, it's not the fastest way but it will surely make it interesting for a passenger.  I was giving demo-rides to those at the event that were interested in Griggs Racing Products and so I with a new passenger  each session. That was a great time and I showed them how a Griggs car feels when it occasionally dances over the edge of adhesion. They all seemed happy when they exited the car so hopefully I got it right.

Also, I was driving a very tight line into the sweeper before the esses. Lots of trail braking and then a little left foot brake to help the car rotate. Sometimes I'd get it right, sometimes I could've done better. I drove a wider line last year when I attended this event but for some reason I just couldn't bring myself to deviate from staying in tight. I suppose with a passenger, I just felt more comfortable knowing that I had plenty of pavement on the left to use if things went wrong. I dunno.......

Enjoy the footage!  
(Suggestion: Right click on video link, select Save Target As. Each video is around 30MB.)


Windows Media
First up is one of the customer Ford GT’s. There were 3 Ford GT’s at this event, two customer cars and one that Ford was giving charity rides in. Kudos to the Ford team for showing what the car is capable of all weekend long. Click

Here is Paul Brown driving their Tiger Racing World Challenge GT. Paul and Carol were also giving out demo rides which I thought was great.


John Griggs was driving this 500+ rwhp GR-40 04 Cobra while the owner used it in a different run group. It held up to the double duty quite well all weekend long which is saying something given the kind of weekend the car endured.


A decent clear lap.


Just bit and pieces of a couple of different sessions.