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  Sorry there are no new pix or vidz as of late but its been a helluva year so far. If you saw my last vid that was posted with Rob's motor going south then you've seen how the first part of our year started out. A few months later he parted ways with the car and pulled out of racing completely to focus on other things in his life. One day he'll be back but I highly doubt it'll ever be in a mustang. If you come across dead links than I'm sorry, I'm too lazy to fix them and they were probably on Robs webserver which is now gone.

  Me on the other hand, well, the first half of this year got off to a real slow start in the "getting employed again" world of out of work computer consultants. I've recently landed a nice gig at a large bank and hope to at least make a track event or two before this year is over.  I've found a new and cheaper hobby that I hope to pursue more next year when I can afford to buy a ride of my own. Karting! A new friend of mine has let me drive his 80cc Track Magic Shifter Kart at Sears Points new Kart track and at Dixon and I gotta say, it's an absolute blast! I know this won't replace the desire to open-track my stang, especially after what I've gone through to make my car the way it is but it's definitely a cheaper way to have fun! ;-)

  During this downtime I've also spent some time reading Ross Bentley's Speed Secrets series of books. I highly recommend them all, especially Mental Strategies to Maximize Your Racing Performance. I know that I'll probably never race but if you want to bring your driving/learning skills to the next level these books will help you immensely.
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Although I do not have the gift of gab and am completely charmless, I just persevere. I never giver up.
- Damon Hill
Fear is not a stupid thing. Winning is not a question of courage, but of faith in oneself and in the car. A car is like a creature that lives, with its own emotions and its own heart. You have to understand it and love it accordingly. I knew many drivers more courageous than me. They are dead now.
- Juan Manuel Fangio