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Track: Laguna Seca
Event: Touring Car Club
Date: 12-16/12-17/00
Temp: low 50's hitting mid 60's.
Best Lap Time: 1:46.20. Done with Long Acre Hot Lap timer w/an in car display. (new toy!)


What you're about to see below is me learning to drive my car again. The front has been replaced, the chassis has been stiffened and a 5pt harness was added. The harness was an immediate difference and I don't think I could recommend this enough for the avid open tracker. No longer do I get out of the car and grab my left knee in agony. My grip on the steering wheel loosened up a lot as well. Both of these made for feeling the car and attempting to be smooth, much more enjoyable.

As a result of me not being used to the harness, I managed to miss shift into third many times. I don't think I ended up converting any. I wanted to put together a nice .mpg of them all but my editing software sucks on Win2k Advanced Server. Anywho....the tranny took some serious abuse and I'm not sure it's got much left in it. Look for it in Broken Parts in the next month or two.

Rob and I are set to run Jan 13th @ LSIR again with TCC. I'm going to have some new Yok A032R's and I think Rob's going to running his first event on R's. Hopefully!

Enjoy the footage!

e-mail me if a link doesn't work: slib



Low Quality High Quality
A lap with Rob during the first session. Rob-Slib 8.9mb Rob-Slib-High 18.1mb
I don't recommend doing this at your next track event. Slib-D1-S1-hands.mpg  1.3mb  
Race prepped M3 from T2-T5 Slib-M3 3.6mb Slib-M3-High 7.2mb
Passing a NSX and regaining ground lost on the Red C5 Slib-NSX-RedVette 6.4mb Slib-NSX-RedVette-High 12.3mb
Some might think that I'd have a hard time loosing traction....I don't. Slib-T11 1mb  
A few people kept saying that this was a Z06 but I think it's a C5. Slib-RedC5 8.2mb Slib-RedC5-High 16.2mb
Smile.....You're on TVR Camera! Smile 7.9mb Smile-High 16mb
Here's how a nice red Viper GTS does on the straights. I'm just glad he took it easy through the corners. Slib-Viper 4.3mb Slib-Viper-High 8.2mb
This includes footage of the ONE Supra that was out representing. Rick with his 400 RWHP puts it to use during the T4-T5 passing zone. I follow Rick for a while and end up passing a great looking NSX at the end. Slib-Supra-Rick 11.3mb Slib-Supra-Rick-High 22.5mb
Rick had made it through this traffic and I had to make my move in the passing zone that I disliked. Slib-T5 2.2mb  
This is Scott and his 400HP AWD Turbo Carrera. I felt lucky running on R compound tires. We were turning 1:48 lap times during this session Slib-Scott 5mb Slib-Scott-High 9.8mb
Waiting for Scott (behind me) and me, Rick takes off around a miata to lead us around a lap. Slib-Rick-Scott 8.4mb Slib-Rick-Scott-High 16.3mb
A stock Gold GT lets us go by. Slib-GoldGT Slib-GoldGT-High 4.6mb
The fourth Session was only 10 minutes long. Here's a SS that is NOT stock.....watch the C5 in front of him. Slib-SS-C5 2.6mb Slib-SS-C5-High 5.2mb
Waiting to enter the track on Sunday. Slib-Sunday Start 4.4mb Slib-Sunday Start-High 8.7mb
The second lap and I'm already trying to hit T6 with too much throttle. Slib-T6 1mb  
Third lap and I didn't learn a damn thing from the last one. This was my last attempt to take the corner with that much throttle. I need to spend some more time learning where to turn in and how the car is going to handle before I try this again. Slib-T6-Not Learning 1.2.mb  
The end of the last session pulling into the paddock. See if you can spot the Nissan Skyline. Slib-The paddock 4mb Slib-The Paddock-High 7.9mb
This is from T11 to T2. Watch for the Z06 coming onto the track. Beautiful car. Slib-M3-Z06 1.3mb Slib-M3-Z06-High 2.6mb
This was my quickest lap for the weekend. I picked up a 1:46.20 with the lap timer. It's not even a clean lap....which is sad. Slib-Rick-146-L 7.7mb Slib-Rick-146-High 15.5mb