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Track: Thunderhill Park
Date: 08/06/02
Weather: clear, mid  80's.
Tires: Yokohama A032R's. 
Brake Pads: Porterfield R4's.
Special Thanks to Hubert Young for organizing this track day.
Big thanks to Rob for helping me bleed the air out of my master cylinder the night before. 

   This was my first trip back to the track since I had the Griggs Watts Link installed and I'm going to have to break some old IRS habits but the grip from the rear was excellent. As you'll hear, I had quite a bit of understeer but that will be tuned out before my next track event. It definitely didn't hurt my lap times too much as I again improved my personal best running this track config so I can't wait to find out what it does when it's dialed in.  My last time running up over the top of T5 netted me a 2:10 but this day I was able to run consistent 2:09's then a single 2:08.81 according to my longacre hot lap timer. The other nice part to the day was that I didn't drive home with any broken parts! WhooHoo!!

Enjoy the footage!  
(Suggestion: Right click on video link, select Save Target As)


Windows Media
Session 1. 3/4 of Lap 2 and I'm following Stan B's GR40'd Saleen. The noise you hear from my car in T3 and T5 is brake moan from the new rear Hawk HP Plus's. It went away once the pads had worn down a bit.  Click
5 Mb
Session 1. Here's the last half of lap 3 that shows a few of the other guys out there that day. Click
4.3 Mb
Session 1. A 35 second clip with Hubert pimping his Skyline through T6. Click
3 Mb
Session 1. Some video of a few of the other guys that were out there.  Click
5.6 Mb
Session 2. Starts out in the last half of lap 2 and catch up to Stan B. There's a yellow flag in T5. Click
6 Mb
Session 2. Starts out just after T1, waved by a BMW in T2 and later catch up with Dennis in his 928.  Click
5.6 Mb
Session 2. My fastest lap of the day at a 2:08.81 Click
5.6 Mb
Session 4. A Clear lap at a 2:09.12 Click
5.9 Mb
Session 4. Last half of lap 5. Get waved by a 3rd gen RX7 in T13.  Click
3.0 Mb