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Track: Thunderhill Park
Date: 11/24/02
Weather: Damp, foggy and cold in the morning.
Tires: Yokohama A032R's. 
Brake Pads: (F) Porterfield R4's  (R )Hawk HP+
Special Thanks to Andrie Young and the rest of the guys at TrackNutz.com putting together a smooth and organized event with a great mix of cars. Good show guys!

When I rolled into the paddock at 7 am the track was wet and covered with fog so the day would start out slow.  Our run group was the first to run so I had a good time finding a damp line but mostly skated around hoping it would dry out soon! Our second session of the day came and the track was showing good signs of dry spots. My camera battery died after this session but it showed some good laps with Stan out front.
Enjoy the footage!  
(Suggestion: Right click on video link, select Save Target As)


Windows Media
Session 2. Our second lap, dry spots showing on the track, tires still coming up to temp. Poor audio, sorry.  Special Guest Star: Stan Click
6 Mb
Session 2.  Third lap, Stan lets me go by him and a miata out of T8. Audio still sounds horrible.  Click
6.9 Mb
Session 2.  Fourth lap with a couple other participants (Viper, Miata and S2000).  Click  6.5 Mb
Session 2. An almost clear sixth lap. Click
6.4 Mb
Session 2. A clear 7th lap. Click
6.6 Mb