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Track: Thunderhill Park
Dates: 5/01-02/2004
Weather: Sunny and mid 90's.
Tires: Yokohama A032R's.
Brake Pads: (F) Hawk Blues  (R )Hawk HP+

It's been almost a year and a half since my last trip to Thunderhill and Rob and I were really looking forward to it. The weather was great, a little on the hot side but really not that bad. I knew Rob was going to be a force to be reckoned with and pretty much after the first session I knew I'd have nothing for him.  All I can hope for is that once he switches from Hoosier to Toyo Proxy RA1's that I may get back a little time from him but that thing down the straights is still a bullet. Here he had over 10mph on me by the end of the front straight. What can I say other than he's building one heckuva STi.
Enjoy the footage!  
(Suggestion: Right click on video link, select Save Target As. Each video is around 12Mb.)


Windows Media
Day 1, Session 1, Laps 2/3. Cold track, cold tires and re-familiarizing myself with the track. I make it easier for Rob to go by in T14 and then he disappears off into the distance. Click
Day 1, Session 2, Lap 2.  Click
Day 1, Session 3, Lap 3. Click 
Day 1, Session 3, Lap 5. Again, make it easier for Rob to go by but in T1 Click
Day 1, Session 4, Lap 2. Rob and a modded Z06 on slicks go by on front straight. Click
Day 2, Session 2, Lap 3. Fastest lap of the weekend. 2:05 Click
Day 2, Session 2, Lap 5. Passed by a wicked Z28 on the front straight and watch him power away. Click
Day 2, Session 3, Lap 5. A clear lap. Click
4 snippets of having what I like to call a "special moment" with corner entry oversteer. Click