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Sears Point, what can I say…it’s a fun track!

It was my first Group 4 session and Andrie had the guts to be a passenger during my first session. There were about 37 cars on the track so I eased into my new “pass anywhere!” session. I think I only scared him once when I managed to botch a heel-toe shift to second gear into Turn 7. It pitched sideways for a second and then came back. I then determined that second gear was not the best gear for this corner. :-)

John Griggs drove my car during the second session and I was passenger. I had been looking forward to hearing his comments on the car. I knew I needed to step up to something higher than the 400# spring rates in the rear and that upper control arms dance around on the shitty Jeep Comanche rubber bushings. Overall he was very happy with the car and suggested going to 450’s. He runs with the yellow Z06 for most of the session and you get the full race feel as we come quite close to his rear bumper a few times. I talked to Mike (the Z06 owner) later and confirmed that he too was having one of the best times of his life out there.

Session 3 I ran two 1:59’s in traffic before going under yellow and later a red flag.

Session 4. TJ (the TVR camera man and long time friend) took a ride with me. I immediately noticed that my left rear CV joint was shot. I knew it was going but this event did it in. It took a lot of abuse so I’m not surprised. If I was smart….I would replace both rear CV joints. We’ll see.

I later stopped and picked up another friend who wants to buy a Z06 and do this. I posted his response about his short, checkered flag lap around the track.

 Things I’ve learned at this event:
I need to downshift later for third gear into the hairpins and there’s no need for third gear in T10. 
I need to install another 5pt harness for the passengers! Look at the difference in the video….sorry guys.

 Enjoy the footage!

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Session 1, second lap. Still warming up the tires and taking it easy for the first half and then open it up a bit during the second half. Watch Andrie and you'll see why I'm buying another 5 pt harness.  Click Click
Session 1, third lap. Dicing it up with a GTI and botch the entry to T7.  Click Click
Session 2, John Griggs driving. Watch for the 3 wheel action from the GTI Click
Session 2, John Griggs driving. John sticks to the yellow Z06 as we pass a porsche. The Z06 shows it's power coming out of the T11.  Click Click
Session 2, John Griggs driving. John follows the yellow Z06 around and is let by @ T11 after a close call. He sails the car up and around the hills until we catch back up to some traffic in the carousel.  Click Click
Session 2, John Griggs driving. John outbreaks one of the race series trucks into T11.  Click
Session 2, John Griggs driving. John passes a race prepped M3 and a Fox body stang but is caught in traffic, allowing them to pass him back.  John makes the pass again into and out of T11.  Click Click
Session 2, John Griggs driving. Passes six cars and catches up to the race prepped M3 and fox body stang.  Click Click
Session 3, lap 2. Half a clear lap on the back half and pass a car before the carousel  Click Click
Session 3, lap 3. I follow Rob around the track and we pass a few cars Click Click
Session 3, lap 4. Passing the yellow RSR heading to T7 and following the blue BMW with Rob in front. We get past Mark in his red 996 around T11 only to get a Red Flag (Full stop) at T2. A first gen RX7 rolled it.  Click Click
The rolled RX7. This driver had been previously sternly warned about aggressive and bad driving.  Click
Session 4, first lap. We were late getting on the track and had to make the most of it. TJ (TVR CameraMan) went along for the ride. You will hear some very bad metal grinding noise. Don't worry, I fixed it by going faster. :-)  Click Click
Session 4, second lap. With the tires warmed up, Rob and I meet up with a fast moving freight train. I show TJ how slick the drag strip can be and we fall in behind the blue BMW for T1.  Click Click
Session 4, third lap. Starting with a pass heading into T7, I catch up to the blue BMW and Mark.  Click Click
Session 4, Checkered flag lap. My friend Steve jumps in the passenger seat just in time for the checker flag to come out. Not one to let him not get the thrill, I open it up a bit when I can. I then cut to his immediate comments while exiting the track. Click
A 2.6mb .mpg from a friend who was filming the Carousal area.  Click