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Here's the growing list of broken parts and normal 'wear and tear' items.
Updated: 07/05/02

Sheared IPS Shock/X-Member mount
Now this is a cracked rotor

4 Pair of Brembo 99 Cobra rotors: RIP - They lived a good life.
3 Pair of Porterfield R4's front brake pads: RIP - You all saved my ass a few times, thank you
1 Idler pulley
2 Belt tensioners
4 Rear wheel bearings

4 Rear upper control arm bushings 
3 Rear hubs
2 Sets of 4.10 gears
2 Rear differentials and cases
2 Cracked front Powerslot rotors
3 HAL shocks
1 Rear outer CV joint
1 Set of front 99 Cobra rotors
1 Steeda TriAx shift handle
1 Bassani catalytic converter heat shield: MIA at Laguna Seca
1 Full set of front sway bar bushings
3 Full sets of Yok A032R
1 Set of rear stock brake pads
1 Driver side e-brake cable seized up
1 Cracked rear Powerslot rotor
1 Throw out bearing
1 set of stock BFG Comp TA's

Since he's racing it now....I'm not even going to attempt to maintain his list any more. 
4.10 gears + diff
1 bent strut tower
2 Front Nitto's finally wore out!
2 cracked stock front rotors
1 cracked front Powerslot rotor
2 stock rear rotors
1 Hydro-boost unit
1 steering unit
2 Trannies
1 leaky differential
2 cracked Bassani mufflers
1 cracked Bassani Cat heat shield
1 rear brake line
1 intermittent AC