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The New Parts List includes: Parts on order, parts sitting in the garage waiting to be installed or pending track testing (read: severe track flogging) 

11/29/03 Griggs Severe Duty Control Arms and sway-bar relocator Just installed them and my initial thoughts are that the turn-in is much more crisp (sudden).
6/02 Custom made Delrin bushings for IPS Ultrasport rear lower control arms. Custom made toe-link adjusters. 500# springs.  For the few weeks and 2 track days I did with this new setup, it was awesome! The car responded beautifully at the track. Unfortunately, the IPS Shock/X-Member mount broke on the left side and I've decided to ditch the IPS altogether. It's being replaced with a 99 GT solid axle w/ Motiv 4.10's, extra clutch packs,  Griggs Watts-Link, Torque-Arm, their World Challenge control arms,  I'll also be upgrading the front Griggs control arms to their Severe Duty control arms. 
6/01 Bumpstops for the HAL shocks I was given some old bumpstops to use on the rear HAL shocks. I should've put these on the car a LONG time ago. When the car would bottom out, this meant that upper control arms were slammed into the frame rails...not good. Since the bumpstops were installed, the car has been driven quite a bit on the street and I've only bottomed out a few times now...and they were very large bumps.  
5/01 Switched out the rear HAL 400# springs for a pair of  8" Suspension Spring Specialist 450lb'ers.  This was a step in the right direction. The rear of the car now remains firm throughout corners and I was able to dial down the rear HAL shocks during street use. Prior to the new springs, I was having to run the shocks set to 13 for driving around town. It was keeping the rear from bottoming out so quickly. The shocks are now set to 7 for street use...track settings are still TBD. 
4/28/01 Delrin bushings for rear upper control arms I've had some custom delrin upper control arm bushings made for the IPS ultra-sport. This has eliminated the fore/aft movement that the upper control arms were prone to with the rubber bushings that IPS uses. 
  Modified stock shift handle to fit the Pro 5.0 So far, I really like this....although I need to change how the handle is attached. It's the feel gets a little spongy during track events.