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Track: Sears Point
Data: 10/28/01
Weather: clear, low 70's
Tires: Yokohama A032R's. 
Brake Pads: Porterfield R4's

I suffered some bad luck with a now-routine wheel bearing replacement about a month and half before this event. The right rear IPS UltraSport upright was mangled while getting the wheel bearing pressed out. Both uprights were sent to Hamlin Fabrication at Sears Point (707 935 6825) and they were nice enough to fix up the mangled one and add plenty of needed reinforcement for both of these WEAK IPS units. 
The new uprights came in handy as yet another IPS supplied HAL shock lost its valving at the start of this N.A.S.A event, leaving me with nothing but a 450lb spring in the left rear to take the abusive bumps at Sears Point. Since the track configuration is mostly right hand turns, this made for some harsh noises while the left rear upper control arm slammed into the frame of the car....and some tire scrub. Unbelievably both wheel bearings held up, something that they wouldn't have done before. :-) Rob also informed me that I was lifting the right front tire through some of the turns....unfortunately he didn't have his camera running as I'm sure it would've looked pimpy with the some 3 wheel action through Turn 5. :-) 

Other than the shock giving up, I had a great day. The weather was perfect (low 70's) and I had some fun with a Porsche 930 and a Ferrari 360 Modena. 

 Enjoy the footage!

Comments: .WMV
First Session. Lap 3 and 4. Lap 3 starts off with me following a nice Porsche 930. Lap 4 is when I spotted the race prepped Ferrari 360. It's not every day that a person gets to run door to door with a car of this caliber....so I made sure to get some close-ups.   Click
First Session. During lap 7 a Porsche 996 goes into Turn 7 a little too hot while I'm passing a BMW M Coupe. Evasive action was taken and I continue on with a clear lap.  Click
Second Session. Lap 3 and 4, Rob and I making our way through the afternoon traffic.   Click
This is the NASA Group 4 Instructor, Al Butterfield doing his version of the Scandinavian Flick through Turn 7.  Click
Third Session. This is me following Rob out during our warm up lap.  Click
Third Session. TJ (passenger) is now getting the view of a lifetime. I show Rob the nose into Turn 9 and then we proceed to pull a patented TVR move on a 300Z. Seriously folks, this is teamwork at its finest. During the second lap, the Porsche 930 and I then make an inside pass on the Ferrari 360 through the Carousel.  Click
Fourth Session. Lap 1. Rob's technique on "passing during corner entry" does not pay off in Turn 7.  Click
Fourth Session. Lap 4 - 6. (large file!) Following the Porsche 930, Rob regains his lost position and passes me through the Carousel.  Click
Fourth Session. Lap 8. A clear lap.  Click