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Track: Sears Point
Date: 3/17/02
Weather: Low 50's, rain during first two sessions and sunny and low 60's for the
fourth session
Tires: New Yokohama A032R's. 
Brake Pads: New Porterfield R4's

      It rained the last time I ran Sears Point and it rained again this time! Because of the track remodeling project, NASA was using one of the many, temporary track configurations.  I had been really looking forward to this event because my car was actually running with 4 working shocks.....I had run the last two events with a dead left rear. Also, because I finally had time....work has been cutting into my fun time!

      The first two sessions were mostly run with lots yellow flags. The track conditions were pretty bad and too many people were learning it the hard way. You'll notice during the straight from the Carousel that my car hydroplanes quite easily. What you don't see are the two wide streams water across the track.  Our 3rd session was black flagged before I made a half lap due to a damaged car covering a section of the track. The fourth session is when things start to heat up and dry out. The car ran great and is now ready to run Thunderhill this Thursday.

      Enjoy the vidz.


Low Quality High Quality
1 and half lap during the first session catching up to a miata. Here 5.4Mb Here 17.2Mb
One lap at the beginning of the second session. Trail behind a M3 and being patient about traction. Here 3.7Mb Here 13.6Mb
Second Session: Clear lap Here 3.1Mb Here 11.5Mb
Fourth session, second lap. Starts following M3, a NSX spins out in front, pass the M3. Here 3.4Mb Here 12.5Mb
Fourth Session, lots of traffic....lots of fun. Here 2.8Mb Here 10.4Mb
Fourth Session. Enjoying the new smooth pavement and grip. Here 3.2Mb Here 11Mb
Fourth Session. Passing a M5 and a Mustang. Here 3.2Mb Here 11Mb
Fourth Session. Almost clear lap. :-) Here 4Mb Here 14Mb