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Track: Sears Point (Infineon)
Date: 2/07-08/2004
Weather: Sunny and 60's.
Tires: Yokohama A032R's. New fronts and old rears.
Brake Pads: (F) Hawk Blues  (R )Hawk HP+

Well, it's been over a year since I've set a tire on a race track and I don't think I could've held out any longer. Rob brought his slightly modded Subaru WRX STi on new Hoosiers out for its virgin run and I have to say, it was quite impressive. Getting some clear track was a rarity for the two days we were there but we both managed to get down to the 1:54's and there is certainly room for improvement. Overall, a very successful weekend. The only casualty was my oil-pressure gauge. 
Enjoy the footage!  
(Suggestion: Right click on video link, select Save Target As. Each video is around 11Mb.)


Windows Media
Day 1, Session 2, Lap 2. We had a wet track during the first session, so here I am negotiating traffic and relearning the line. Click
Day 1, Session 2, Lap 4. The Camaro-Mustang-Challenge guys were running with us and they were a lot of fun. Click
Day 1, Session 2, Lap 6. Trying to hang with Rob but that STi on 100 octane is very quick out of the corners. The smoke from him out of T5 is from the rubber trim that lined the fender. He removed it after this session. Click 
Day 1, Fourth Session, Lap 2. Running with John Griggs 98 Vortech'd GR40 Cobra. I had a brain fade in turn 10 and downshifted to third. I hate it when I do that. Click
Day 2, Second Session, Lap 3. A quick lap with Rob and Mark. Click
Day 2, Second Session, Lap 7. A decent lap and overtaking two cars on the outside of Carousel. Click
Day 2, Fourth Session, Lap 5. A clear lap. Click