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This is how my day started. You don't see it when I break the shift knob off going into fourth gear...you just won't see it any more when I'm in third gear. Click 4.3mb
Pulled off the track and assessed the situation. bad word! Click 2.8mb
A lap with Andrie and his NSX and catching up to the Impala SS Click 7mb
Following the Impala SS and a Porsche has issues with T11. Click 5.1mb
Just a random lap Click 7.7mb
Mark lets me pass, I get a little light going through the cork-screw and catch up to the Impala SS. Click 7.7mb
What it sounds like when you loose your heat shield @ 100mph.... Click 2.5mb
The full lap, with loss of heat shield and the Impala SS. Click 7.2mb
Quite possibly the worst lap I put together all day. I let Rob go by me cause he was much faster than I was and you'll see. Some other piece flew out behind me when I went through the cork-screw and this was just a couple laps after I lost the heat shield. With my bad driving and the car shedding pieces on the track...I decided to pull off. Click 6.8mb
Here's a nice C5 with Mark and Bob's porsches. Click 7.4mb
Rob gets by Andrie on the front straight and then Andrie and I jockey for position into T5. Meet up with a nice RX7. Click 8mb
Heading on the track and what was out there. Click 4mb