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Track: Buttonwillow
Event: West Coast Suspension Shootout
Date: 8/27/00
Temp: Effin Hot
Official Lap Times located @ DigitalTiming


Small MPG's Large MPGS

I dunno if this was the fast line over the hill but it sure was fun. :-)

overthehill-b.mpg 1.2mb

overthehill.mpg 3.5 mb

Mark does the right thing by going off the track before the huge undercarriage eating berm.

markgoesoff.mpg 1.9mb


This is Eric from Griggs...listen to him grabbing gears at the end. 6 spd's are cool.

griggseric-b.mpg 2.2mb

griggseric.mpg 6.5mb

It took me a couple of times to get this corner....

notraction-b.mpg 2.1mb



Like i said, it took a couple of times

notraction2-b.mpg 754k notraction2.mpg 2.1mb

Finally, a little outside footage of Rob's car. Here's a whole lap of us on the first session on Sunday.

lapwithrob-b.mpg 9.6mb lapwithrob.mpg 27.6mb

I'm pretty sure this is Ryan F's car from www.open-track.com

lapwithryan-b.mpg 9.4mb lapwithryan.mpg 27.1mb

This is not drag racing....Eric C and i take a lap together.

lapwitheric99-b.mpg 11.1mb lapwitheric99.mpg 31.9mb

Here's about half a lap

halflap-b.mpg 4.2mb halflap.mpg 11.9mb

A full lap..not my fastest but a 2:13

onelap-b.mpg 10 mb onelap.mpg 29 mb

Another full lap trying to follow Dave Martis.

lap-b.mpg 9.2mb lap.mpg 26mb